Athletics East - Spring Mini-Meet

May 8, 2021

A cool, blustery and wet track (but thankfully no rain) greeted runners at the Spring Mini-Meet at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, VA.  A good turnout and some excellent performances across the events. Unofficial results:


Mark Walchinsky (42) - 26.75

Rob Cranston (54) - 28.05

David Sullivan (58) - 29.87

Mark Neff (59) - 31.30

Mike Southwood (67) - 34.35


Mark Walchinsky (42) - 59.72

Rob Cranston (54) - 67.20

Bob Draim (66) - 1:21.13


Mark Walchinsky (42) - 1:34

David Sullivan (58) - 1:51.25

John Kilduff (69) - 2:07.01 (Shore AC)


Peter Guevara - 2:27.90

Mike Southwood (67) - 3:03

Bob Draim (66) - 3:05

Paul Ryan (70) - 3:08


James Coates (42) - 4:41.90


Dan Eddy (69) - 13:13

Chris Johnson (56) - 14:23


Jeff Duyn (60) - 17:59.91 (PR)

Scott Harmon (53) - 18:02.05 (PR)

5000m - Women

Betty Blank (68) - 28:39

100m - Kids

Theodore Walchinsky (4) - 34.00

Alexander (2) - 50.10

Photos and video in the gallery and on Instagram.  Runners also enjoyed a selection of Athletic Brewing Company non-alcoholic beers.

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April 17, 2021

AE runners returned to the flat, fast course at Mason Neck State Park in Virginia for a 5K road race. Strong performances across the board, placing all eight racers in the top 12:

Jason Abbot (42), 17:00, 1st overall

Mark Walchinsky (42), 17:24, 2nd overall

Pete Wergin (55), 17:27, third overall

Mark Neff (59), 17:54, fifth overall

Scott Harmon (53), 18:17, sixth overall

Robert Cranston (54), 20:23, 10th overall

David Sullivan (58), 21:14, 12th overall

Richard Brunais (62), 23:44, 18th overall

Complete race results

Race photos

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2021 DCRRC Fort Hunt 10K

March 13, 2021

Several Athletics East runners turned out for the DCRRC Fort Hunt 10K (a few AE runners are also members of various road running clubs around Washington, including DCRRC). All finished first in their respective age groups. 

4th   Pete Wergin 37:08  55MM (55 - 59)1

5th   Scott Harmon 37:10 53MM (50 - 54)

15th Bob Draim 47:12 66MM (65 - 69)1

16th Paul Ryan  47:25  70MM (70 - 74)1



DCRRC Facebook Photos

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March 12 - 14, 2021

Strong turnout and great performances by Athletics East runners at the 2021 AAU Indoor National Track and Field Championships in Virginia Beach. Runners had the opportunity to compete on the new indoor track at the Virginia Beach Sports Center.

M60 400 Meter Run Masters

2 Becker, Bruce M60  1:15.30

M40 800 Meter Run Masters

1 Walchinsky, Mark M42 2:14.60

2 Coates, James M42 2:14.63


1 Hobbs, Hasan M48 2:15.02


1 Bandettini, Peter M55 2:27.02

2 Sullivan, David M59 2:35.82

3 Hardy, Harris M58 2:41.92


1 Becker, Bruce M60 2:55.91


1 Southwood, Michael M67 2:58.31

M40 1500 Meter Run Masters

2 Walchinsky, Mark M42 4:28.09

3 Coates, James M42 4:36.93 


2 Hobbs, Hasan M48 4:35.36 

3 Worthington, Scott M48 4:58.59 


1 Harmon, Scott M54 4:58.98


1 Bandettini, Peter M55 4:53.14

2 Neff, Mark M59 4:53.35


2 Wigglesworth, Henry M63 5:22.76

3 Becker, Bruce M60 5:38.31

M40 3000 Meter Run Masters

1 Walchinsky, Mark M42 10:23.30


1 Hobbs, Hasan M48 10:12.79


1 Harmon, Scott M54 10:37.31


2 Neff, Mark M59 10:36.90

M29&U 4x400 Meter Relay Masters 

1 Athletics East TC 'A' 4:15.84 1) Hobbs, Hasan 48 2) Coates, James 42 3) Walchinsky, Mark 42 4) Worthington, Scott 48

2 Athletics East TC 'B' 4:45.42 1) Becker, Bruce 60 2) Neff, Mark 59 3) Bradecamp, Michael 57 4) Bandettini, Peter 55

3 Athletics East TC 'C' 4:55.06 1) Sullivan, David 59 2) Hardy, Harris 58 3) Southwood, Michael 67 4) Harmon, Scott 54

M65 High Jump Masters

1 Southwood, Michael M67 1.22m

M55 Long Jump Masters

2 Sullivan, David M59  3.41m



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Winter Outdoor Track Time Trial #2

February 13, 2021

Cold, windy and icy conditions challenged runners at the second outdoor track time trial of the winter. Runners had to dial back the intensity for safety reasons but still logged some good efforts. A couple of new AE runners and guests joined the event in Alexandria, VA


Mark Walchinsky (29.90)


Michael Southwood (1:08)


Michael Southwood (2:19)


Mark Walchinsky (2:43)

James Coates (2:46)


Mark Walchinsky (2:52)

James Coates (3:00)

Scott Harmon (3:29)


Scott Harmon (5:34)


David Sullivan (7:56)

Ted Poulos (8:58)

More photos on the Gallery page.

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Winter Outdoor Track Time Trial

January 16, 2021

Cool and breezy conditions prevailed for the first outdoor track event of 2021. Athletics East runners gathered at Hayfield Secondary School's track in Alexandria, VA for a series of distance and middle distance events.


Mark Walchinsky 10:38

Hasan Hobbs      10:40

Scott Harmon      13:02

David Sullivan      13:03


Mark Walchinsky         5:10

Hasan Hobbs              5:48

Scott Harmon              5:51

Jose Idler                    6:36


Mark Walchinsky    2:25

Hasan Hobbs         2:30

Mark Neff               2:31

Scott Harmon       2:48

800m backward running ( amazing)

Bob Draim  5:35 

See the gallery for additional photos.

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Athletics East Road Mile

December 27, 2020

A good turnout on a cold, but calm and sunny winter morning for an informal Athletics East road mile event on a net downhill course. Times were recorded for both clock and age graded. Results below are shown in order of age-graded finish. 

  1. Jeff Duyn (60), 5:08 (age-graded 89.86, 4:07.7)

  2. Pete Wergin (55), 5:06 (86.65, 4:16.9)

  3. David Sullivan (58), 5:21 (84.74, 4:22.7)

  4. Henry Wigglesworth (62), 5:36 (83.89, 4:25.5)

  5. Hasan Hobbs (46), 4:55 (83.58, 4:26.3)

  6. Paul Ryan (70), 6:05 (83.33, 4:27.1)

  7. Ted Poulos (59), 6:12 (73.76, 5:01.8)

Video and more photos are in the gallery . Note: the start was staggered to keep runners separated, so the finish video does not correlate directly to individual times. Age grading done using http://www.mastersathletics.net/index.php?id=2595.

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2020 USATF Masters Virtual Fall Challenge

October 19 - November 16, 2020

Paul Ryan competed in the 2020 USATF Masters Virtual Fall Challenge, running both the 5000m and 10,000m events. Paul was the M65-69 age group winner in both events with a 21:53.80 in the 5000m and 45:48 in the 10,000m. Congratulations Paul!


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Bishops Events.jpg

2020 Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank 5k

November 21, 2020

As racing restrictions get tighter again, AE runners went south to compete in another Bishops Events race.  Scott Harmon was the overall winner of the 2020 Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank 5k, covering the distance in 18:53.  David Sullivan was 5th overall in 21:09 and Richard Brunais was 6th overall in 24:22.


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USATF-NE Cross Country Championships

November 21, 2020

AE runner Harris Hardy competed in the 2020 USATF New England Cross Country Championships in Nashua, New Hampshire. Harris covered the 5K cross country course in 21:22, finishing 73rd overall and 9th in M50-59.


Finish line video

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2020 Veteran’s Lorton 5K

November 7, 2020

Nice turnout for Athletics East on a beautiful Saturday morning at Mason Neck State Park in Virginia.  Six AE runners (and a future seventh) competed in the 5K event.


Eddie Chen, 1st Overall in  17:19

James Coates, 2nd Overall in 17:44

Mark Neff, 4th Overall in 17:53 Scott Harmon, 5th Overall in 18:06

Robert (Steve) Martin, 6th Overall in 18:40

David Sullivan, 8th Overall in 21:17

Pete Wergin, who is joining AE, was 3rd Overall in 17:46

Great racing across the board and the largest team turnout since the summer track time trials. 


Look for photos in the gallery or visit our Instagram page.

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Maryland XC Series - Hunt Valley

October 11, 2020

Athletics East runners continue to seek out the limited race offerings in the region. A couple were in action on 11 October in the Maryland XC Series 5K event at Hunt Valley. There were runners in several categories at this event. AE competed in the Open Category, where Hasan Hobbs (18:37) placed 1st Overall and Scott Harmon (19:33) was 4th Overall.


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Bishops Events.jpg

2020 Chase a Cure 5K/10K

October 10, 2020

Athletics East Runner Chris Johnston competed in the Chase a Cure 5K at Burke Lake on 10 October. Chris was 9th overall in 22:17 on the mixed road/trail course. 


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2020 Fall Burke Lake 5k & 10k

September 19, 2020

Several Athletics East runners competed in the 5K event at Burke Lake on 19 September. Running on a mix of rolling hills on pavement and trail, the AE runners finished as follows:

James Coates, 3rd overall (18:17)

Mark Neff, 4th overall (18:18)

Scott Harmon, 5th overall (18:37)

Chris Johnston, 18th overall (22:29)

David Sullivan, 19th overall (22:34)

++More photos on the Athletics East Photo Gallery page



USATF Masters Summer Challenge

August, 2020

Paul Ryan was on the track for the 2020 USATF Master Summer Challenge. Impressive results:

800M -- 2:56.7 (2nd M65-69)

Mile -- 6:16.6 (2nd M65-69)

5000M -- 22:04.6 (1st M65-69)


Athletics East Time Trial #2

August 2, 2020

Second gathering of Athletics East runners and guests, this time on the Hayfield HS track.  Runners tackled a variety of distances.

--James Coates  2:15
--Mark Neff 2:28 (second attempt)

--Mark Neff 2:30 

--Scott Harmon 2:30

--James Coates, 5:01:3.  
--Bruce Becker, 6:16

2400m Military qualifier distance
--Hasan Hobbs 7:47:41


--Chris Johnston 21:35


--Hannah Phillips 36:94 (Potomac Valley TC)

High School runners who joined AE for the event:

Results for the HS kids, some are estimates. 


--Aiden Najjar-Pope 5:14,

--Zaire Najjar-Pope 7:30


--Asa Cumming 2:39


--Aiden Najjar-Pope 14:38,

--Asa Cumming 16:17,

--Vivian Ho 16:42,

--Christine Nguyen 17:40,

--Zaire Najjar-Pope 20:43,

--Jeffrey Waddington 21:58. 

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July 25, 2020

Strong showing by several AE runners in Winchester, VA at the Loudoun Street Mile.  Hasan Hobbs was the top AE finisher, placing 21st overall and 1st M45-49 in 4:41.6.  Peter Bandettini was 1st M50-54 (44th overall) in 5:11.2.  Mark Neff was 1st M55-59 (50th overall) in 5:14.9.  Scott Harmon was right behind, taking 3rd M50-54 (53rd overall) in 5:16.5. David Sullivan was 2nd M55-59 (89th overall) in 5:56.4.


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Athletics East Time Trial #1

June 27, 2020

Athletics East runners and a couple of guests were on the track at Edison HS in Alexandria, VA for a team time trial on 27 June. Unofficial results:


James Coates 5:10 

Henry Wigglesworth 5:45 

Paul Ryan 6:23

Bruce Becker.  6:27

2 mile 

Hasan Hobbs 10:55

Jim Garster    12:13

Claire Garster.  13:52


Harris Hardy  16:44


Scott Harmon 18:27

Peter Bandettini  18:45

Chris Johnston    21:55


Eddie Chen 28:14

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Fort Hunt 10K.jpg

DCRRC Fort Hunt 10K

March 8, 2020

Several AE runners enjoyed a nice Sunday morning race at Fort Hunt, Virginia. 


Eddie Chen, 36:32 (5th overall, 2nd M35-39)

Scott Harmon, 37:43 (11th overall, 2nd M50-54)

Chris Johnston, 46:33 (39th overall, 3rd M55-59)


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Virginia indoor 2020.png

2020 USATF Virginia Open & Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships

March 8, 2020

James Coates was in Hampton, VA for the USATF Virginia Masters indoor meet.  James competed in the 800m, finishing1st in a time of 2:19.

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Ty Brown Invitational Track Meet

February 29, 2020

Athletics East was on the track at Episcopal HS in Alexandria, VA for the Ty Brown Invitational Track Meet. All results for this event were age-graded.



1st - Hasan Hobbs (6:29.71) age graded to 5:54.60 (79.86%)

3rd - Jim Garster (6:58.51) age graded to 6:06.16 (77.34%)

4th - Scott Harmon (6:58.63) age graded to 6:06.18 (77.34%)

7th - Bruce Becker (7:52.47) age graded to 6:36.64 (71.40%)

8th - Chris Johnston (8:09.37) age graded to 6:50.83 (68.93%)


17th - Bruce Becker (1:37.06) age graded to 1:21.62 (70.65%)


4th - Hasan Hobbs (2:57.38) age graded to 2:42.24 (80.44%)

11th - Bruce Becker (4:01.08) age graded to 3:21.64 (64.72%)


35th - Bruce Becker (54.83) age graded to 45.95 (65.29%)


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RRCA Club Challenge 10 Miler

February 23, 2020

Several of our AE runners compete in road races for various RRCA clubs. A number of them ran in the RRCA Club Challenge 10-miler sponsored by the Howard County Striders.

Running for MCRR - Montgomery County Road Runners:

Hasan Hobbs - 59:54.81 (82nd overall)

Jeff Duyn - 1:00:24.17 (87th overall)

Mark Neff - 1:02:28.63 (121st overall)

Peter Bandettini - 1:06:11.97 (188th overall)

Running for DCRRC - D.C. Road Runners:

Justin Runac - 1:02:20.78 (119th overall)

Team Results:

Hasan was the #4 runner for the winning Male Masters team from MCRR

Justin was the #2 runner for the 3rd place Male Masters team from DCRRC

Jeff and Mark paced the MCRR team to 1st place in the Male Grand Masters division as the #1 and #2 runners for MCRR


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2020 USATF Lake Erie Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships

February 23, 2020

Steve Crelli was in action at the 2020

USATF Lake Erie Open and Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships at the University of Mount Union. Steve finished 3rd in the M60 1 Mile Run (5:40.97) and 2nd in the M60 800m Run (2:40.82).


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Breast Cancer Awareness Track & Field Meet, PG Sportsplex

February 8, 2020

A few AE runners were in action on the PG County Sportsplex indoor track over the weekend.


Bruce Becker (6:14.70) 5th overall

Chris Johnston (6:22.39) 7th overall


Bruce Becker (1:12.59) 6th overall


Paul Ryan (3:08.01) 6th overall


Chris Johnston (12:39.60) 6th overall


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2020 USATF East Region and Potomac Valley Association Masters Indoor Championships

January 19, 2020

Very successful showing for Athletics East at the East Region indoor meet.  Fourteen team members competed in eight different age groups.  The 4x800m relay team (Mark Neff, Jeff Duyn, Bruce Becker and David Sullivan) started the morning off on a high note by breaking the M55-59 Club American record with a time of 10:37.05. Check out photos and video of the action on the gallery page.

Other team results:


Eddie Chen, 10:07.48 (1st M35-39)

Kostyantyn Grabovskyy (aka KG), 10:09.86 (2nd M40-44)

Scott Harmon, 10:46.15 (1st M50-54)

Robert (Steve) Martin, 11:09.67 (1st M55-59)


James Coates, 4:41.07 (2nd M40-44)

Hasan Hobbs, 4:34.18 (1st M45-49)

Peter Bandettini, 4:58.21 (1st M50-54)

James Garster, 5:09.22 (2nd M50-54)

Scott Harmon, 5:21.22 (3rd M50-54)

Steve Crelli, 5:22.65 (1st M60-64)

Paul Ryan, 5:52.58 (2nd M65-69)


KG, 31.93 (3rd M40-44)

David Sullivan, 31.27 (4th M55-59)


James Coates, 2:15.48 (3rd M40-44)

Hasan Hobbs, 2:18.43 (1st M45-49)

Peter Bandettini, 2:24.56 (1st M50-54)

James Garster, 2:32.16 (2nd M50-54)

Steve Crelli, 2:41.44 (1st M60-64)

Paul Ryan, 2:57.27 (4th M65-69)

4x200m Relay

Bandettini, Becker, Sullivan, Coates (2:02.18)

4x400m Relay

Chen, KG, Harmon, Hobbs (4:32.44)

Long Jump

David Sullivan (3.04m), 4th M55-59


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January 19, 2020

Chris Johnston was out west this weekend and ran the Rock n Roll Arizona 10K, finishing in 46:31 (4th M55-59 and 66th overall)


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NYRR Night at the Races Meet 2

January 9, 2020

Three AE runners (David Sullivan, James Coates and Harris Hardy) traveled to New York to kick off their indoor track season at the Armory. Results:

1000m - James Coates (2:59.01), 29th overall, 3rd M40-44

600m - David Sullivan (1:50.26), 39th overall, 3rd M55-59


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2020 New Year New Day 5K

January 1, 2020

Eddie Chen and Athletics East newcomer Scott Harmon started 2020 on a strong note.  Eddie was the overall winner of the New Year New Day 5K in Ashburn VA, finishing in 17:07. Scott was fourth overall and 2nd M50-59 in 18:25.


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