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About Athletics East Track Club

Everyone wants to be #1… but we really are! Athletics East Track Club is Elite Masters running team based in Virginia. Our team was founded to give competitive masters runners the chance to compete, train together and have fun. Many of us competed at NCAA levels in college and a few of us went to the Olympic trials in our younger days.  Now as masters we actively compete in USATF events in track, cross country and road racing and even a few of us still race in marathons and triathlons too.



Athletics East Track Club, we’re all about competitive masters athletics and running. Our experienced middle distance and distance runnners have competed at national class masters levels. Our goals are for our members to reach their highest potential, and to always have a great time wherever we compete. We recently formed in the fall of 2018 to give our local masters group in the metro DC area the support to compete on teams, relays and USATF Club events. We still have fun and feel like we’re back in HS and College again. We are not planning on going anywhere and are looking for sponsorship. 

Hope to see you on the road, track and trails soon. 


Join us for some fun on the roads, track and cross country -
Still feels like college again even though we’re masters 
If interested, get in touch with us and let us know about your running interests and history.
 We are always interested in adding a few additional athletes to our roster that meet our team time standards and have similar individual and team goals. 

If this sounds like your type of team contact Team General Manager David Sullivan 
Phone: 617-823-5254 or Email:   DSullivan40@hotmail.com

Tell us about your success and running goals. 

We are looking to add a few additional athletes to our roster that meet our team standards.


Weekend Long Runs

Alexandria, VA 22315, USA


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